Why is it called Black Friday?

  • Nov 29, 2019

“Black Friday” was coined by the Philadelphia police to describe the traffic mess that occurred on the business days after Thanksgiving.  It was first reported in 1961.  Over the years the term also became to symbolize when business turned profitable (from in the red into black).  


And today, Black Friday has turned into the holiday of "Biggest Sales Day". In fact, some businesses can't wait until Friday and have pre-Black Friday sales and some even open on Thanksgiving 


We're not open on Thanksgiving. But Black Friday or not, we always have creatively disruptive, good deals.

Here are two great deals for Black Friday and good through December 6.


Blankets are perfect gifts to express your "Warm Wishes" this holiday season


The blanket on the left is a large 6-" x 48" Polyester Fleece available in navy, grey or black. Your logo will be embroidered on the corner. In addition, your logo/message will be custom printed on a care attached with a white ribbon. 


Order 25 or more - get the 500 piece price: $ 17.99 each

Set-up: $ 80.00 

Includes up to 5,000 stitch embroidery. 


Or give the Sherpa style blanket shown on the right. This measures 60" x 50". It comes in black, navy or royal. it includes your embroidered logo on the corner and the storage bag. 


Order 20 or more- get the 500 piece price: $25.00 each

Set-up: $ 80.00 

Includes up to 5,000 stitch embroidery.